Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Life of a freelancer...

Well so much for taking a month off to recover....unexpected work commitments forced me to cut it down by 2 weeks, so apologies for those waiting for the "studio tour"--I'll get to it as soon as I can. My room is once again covered in Bionicles, cake wrappers and underwear--and you don't wanna see that (though if you do, maybe you should try one of those specialist sites that charge you £20 a month...).

So for now, here's more random Defoe pages. Defoe Book 2 has recently concluded in 2000AD, and seems to have gone down well with readers. I've already got Pat Mill's script for Book 3 and it's fantastic! There's so much happening in the first episode and the pacing is sooo good, I can't wait to get into it!

Also on my list this year is an album cover and a 4 page backup story for these lovely guys.

See ya,



alan said...

Now that you mentiojned it, I'm starting to see mucho Ortiz in your pages. Caught a collection of his Rogue Trooper in Borders the other day.

Leigh G said...

Really? Cool--I knew he'd done a little Dredd, but had no idea about Rogue Trooper!
Thanks for the heads up Alan.