Sunday, 7 September 2008


Hellooooo.....well it's that time again...

Right now lots of Lego fans around the universe are recieving issue 14 of BIONICLE, so I'm allowed to post a few scans of my line work, though I've also attached a scan of the cover, wonderfully coloured by Ulises.

This issue introduces the REALLY COOL vehicles piloted by the Bionicles. Seriously, the kids are gonna love playing with these toys--though they're lucky they don't have to draw them! Have you SEEN how frikkin' detailed they are???!!! GAH!!!!!

Take care for now,


Anonymous said...

i REALLY love the way you arrange your panel layout, don't know how to say but they looks beautifull at first sight!
all the best

Leigh G said...

OH MY GOD, A GIRL'S LEFT A MESSAGE!!! Heh, thanks very much Erica. It's a nice change of pace to be able go wild on the panel layouts for Bionicle, as opposed to the standard layouts I use on Defoe.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

i've noticed how much both your style both your panel layout change beteen the two different comics, but the panel for bionicles are more riginal and gives to the reader (me) a great first inpact impression!
looks a little bit like manga style, that i love, but with a lot of your strong sense of beauty!
you great!
i'll visit you again
see you soon,

Greg said...

Hey, Leigh, Greg Farshtey told us that you would be leaving after the next issue. We will all miss you over at BZPOWER. On a happier note, I love this new issue's art. Have you drawn issue #15 yet? I bet it will be the best yet.
~Greg (the guy that interviewed you, not the script writer XD)

Leigh G said...

Hey Greg, cheers buddy. Yeah, it's sad, but you're right--I'm very happy with how my final issue turned out.
I guess now it's been announced, I should put up a post about it...

me+lego=good said...

Awesome new Pics End Game was awesome! We'll (people on bzpower) Miss you science you'r gonna go after the next comic :( :( Happy comic making! :D

Sakaru:Toa of Magma, or Me+lego=good.... wich ever you like better. :P

Tom said...

Man....I wish you could've put up the panel of Lewa's comment of the Matoran Marching Band (that will go down in history, along side The Key to Nongu). It's sad that you're leaving; you're style is the best I've ever seen, out of all 8 years of Bionicle. Thanks, Leigh.

DJ Zakitano™ said...

OMG You're leaving? I hope the next guy's just as good. I'll miss you. You're the best Bionicle artist yet.
Fly on,

Leigh G said...

Thanks alot guys. God , I'm really overwhelmed by how freakin' nice you all are!