Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Still quite a wait until Defoe returns to 2000AD in September, but that's fine by me, as I have LOADS to still do anyway!

Obviously I can't show much at this point, but above is a couple of non spoilery panels ( And yes, Defoe is pissed in that shot!).

Even though this is Book 4 of Defoe, Pat Mills and I are discussing Book 5, and I'm proud to say that he thought my idea for a story point (and cover) featuring Mungo's codpiece was "Excellent"...so that's nice....



Rob said...

I opened last week's issue, saw Defoe in the 'thrills of the future' box, and i can't wait, frankly.
Really glad to hear that Defoe's going to be around for a while too, i think Pat and you have unleashed a beast.. and long may it continue

Leigh G said...

Ah still a while to wait Rob! You have great taste though sir. Thank you!

Pete Wells said...

Ha ha, I love the pissed Defoe panel. I have to say I'm guilty of turning into Popeye one I've had a few too many!

Leigh G said...

Well I had to fake the drunkeness, as I'm a good boy and not much of a drinker! Though that's how I look after 3 Mcdonald's strawberry milkshakes.