Monday, 27 September 2010


Hey guys,

Just a quick one to pimp the latest issue of the newly Hugo Award winning StarShipSofa Stories (volume 2). Quite a while back Dee Cunniffe got in touch to see if I'd like to do an illustration to go with one of the many prose pieces, of which I picked a story called "Bitterseed" written by Ted Kosmatka.

They have an impressive line up of talent of this book--Neil Gaiman for one--but what's also cool is this nifty trailer which you can find on Youtube here!

Check it out and bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Hey Leigh,

I just got my author's copy of the new Starship Sofa Stories. I love the illustration. Awesome stuff! Thanks for doing such an amazing job.

Ted Kosmatka

Leigh G said...

Hey Ted,

Thanks alot! You're very welcome. Looking forward to getting my copy!