Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Hey guys,

Due to OVERWHELMING DEMAND from at least two people after last years event in Camber Sands Pontins, I'll be returning for another round at the SFX WEEKENDER 2, on the 4th-5th February.

Once again I'll be with the droids of 2000AD, sharing art duties with Clint Langley and signing with writers Pat Mills and beardy Al Ewing!

I can assure you that even though my name's not featured on the site as yet, I will be there! Trust me, I ain't spending 5 hours on a train for nothing!

Hope to see you there.



Frozen_Canary said...

Hey Leigh, just a note to say thanks for the advise you gave me at Sfx Weekender this year - I was the nut job running around as Black Canary in the freezing cold. Loving Defoe btw.

Hope to see you next year.

Leigh G said...

Hey there! You're very welcome. It was great to meet you and your mum!

Glad you enjoy the book. The second collection's coming out on Halloween so I'm just planning out a new cover.

Best of luck with your work and take care for now.

Uncle Sam's Toilet Seat said...

I've barely read your blog the last couple of months as i'm busy contributing to a beast of one. (aka Rhino Bumcrack). I'll read tomorrow. Day of work for 38th Birthday. I really should grow up.... some day.

Leigh G said...

Don't worry Uncle Sam, in all honesty I've not had time to post as much as I'd like lately. I'll rectify this tomorrow with an SFX Weekender report...