Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Just in the middle of a nightmare house move, but I wanted to take a few minutes to promote the Spirit Of Hope charity comic that I'm proud to be a contributor to.

After the terrible Japan tsunami and New Zealand earthquakes occurred, The Comic Book Alliance reached out to the professional comic community, and the end result is a beautiful comic anthology featuring stories and pin ups by 92 creators to be released in June, with proceeds going to Japan charity Second Harvest, and the New Zealand Red Cross.

Readers here will know that I have wonderful memories of Japan, as Tokyo is where I proposed to Niki last November. The illustration I donated is at the top of this post.

The book will have two fantastic covers to choose from, also seen at the top of this post. You can order it online from The Comic Book Alliance here, and find more about the book from the Facebook page here.

I've seen the pages myself, and you won't regret it ordering it.

Take care,



retromancy said...

Lovely illo that you contributed - hope the book raises lots of money.

Raza said...

Hey man, Thanks again for letting us interview you :) & here it is in full 1080p HD :P Enjoy -

Once again thank alot! :D


Anonymous said...

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Leigh G said...

Hey guys, sorry for the late reply-just back back online after a big house move and wading through emails/ cheers for the comments!

Raza, I'll email you back!