Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Yup, I'm back again.

Here's a commission I did for regular viewer of my bloggy, Eric Moore, AKA Mangamax. Eric has started a very interesting new blog entitled SOMEONE OLD, SOMEONE NEW, which asks an artist to draw their own depiction of a classic British comic book character meeting a current day character.

Eric's always been very kind and complimentary towards my work, so it was an honour to add to his collection, drawing my version of Janus Stark vs Defoe, and I'm very happy with how it turned out! You can check out the post HERE, which also shows a couple of my prelim drawings as well, but you have to view the rest of his beautiful collection from the beginning HERE!


Mangamax said...

Ta for the kind comments Leigh 8)
Must say, the initial germ of the idea is all thanks to you - when Defoe started, my first thought was "this guy would be great if they brought Janus Stark" back and, from that, the idea of seeing modern takes on old characters grew. So, ta again!

Matt said...

That's a very cool picture indeed, Leigh.

You are a talented bugger and no mistake!

Matt Badham

Leigh G said...

Ah thanks guys. Very kind of you both! There's SO MUCH MORE I've got to blog about, but my deadlines are just too crazy right now. Knackered...