Tuesday, 1 May 2012



Ok, I know I've not done many cons lately due to my workload and saving up for our wedding this year, but I've been very kindly invited by Ziggy Newman as a guest to the very first CAM CON! It's held in The Junction in Cambridge on Saturday 12th May.

I'll be hosting a talk/slideshow about working in comics, as well as signing and sketching. Looking forward to it! All the details are on their website here. Can't wait to hang out with my good comic artist  buddy Emma Vieceli , and I'll be sat next to talented artist Kev Lev, so show him some love to!

After that on Friday 18th May, I'll be joining top writer Antony Johnston and my specky twin artist Adam Cadwell for a signing with the lovely folks at Manchester's Travelling Man! 

This is really Antony's gig as he promotes his new graphic novel "The Coldest City"-- Adam and I are providing back up (and hair). Just think of me and Adam as two of "The Backstreet Boys" being the opening act for Antony's "Def Leppard".

Hope to see you at one of these events!



Emsie said...

Looking forward to seeing you, dude! ^_^

Leigh G said...


Anonymous said...

Just wondering... Are you going to hit the Manchester MCM again this year? You were great last time.

Leigh G said...

Hey there, afraid not. The only other con I'll be attending is November's Thought Bubble, and this time just with a signing slot, not a table for the weekend.
But thanks for the kind words!