Friday, 26 July 2013


So last October I helped out a buddy and the O2 THINK BIG charity campaign by raffling off a chance to appear in one of the stories I draw for 2000AD.

The winner was a nice chap named STEPHEN LONGDON who finally made his debut as a zombie in DEFOE, Prog 1841 of 2000AD last week!

Congratulations again Stephen, and the original art is heading your way very soon!


Graeme Neil Reid said...

That's weird, when I read that episode yesterday I did actually think at the time 'I wonder if that is someone specific'. I have powers. Mental powers.

Leigh G said...

Yup. You should go on Britain's Got Talent with that incredible gift of guessing things.

By the way mate, I just showed your last Future Shock to a buddy of mine interested in writing some himself, and he was VERY impressed by it.