Saturday, 13 June 2009


2000AD have just released the trailer for DEFOE coming out in British stores on Wednesday!

I was stunned and happy beyond belief when I saw this beauty. I honestly had no idea this was being made and just watched it with my mouth wide open--a fly flew in, but I didn't care because watching this just made my freakin' day!

I recommend you download the original mp4 file to your desktop at 2000AD's site HERE if you want to watch it full screen or post it on any other sites to spread the word. Or alternatively you can check it out on YOUTUBE HERE.

So until I find out who was responsible for producing such a well made trailer, I just want to say....I LOVE YOU AND I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIES.


I've just discovered that the talented 2000AD droid's names responsible for the awesome trailer are Julian Hall and Mechanoise. Here's what Julian had to say on the 2000AD forums:

"I've been doing the trailers, mainly to head towards something I have in mind for them. So they're not quite there yet, but hey it's all good to promote some wicked stories I also composed the track this time around and as always worked with top bloke Mechanoise who worked all the production and said what he liked about the tracks direction to stop me starting is so often the case with us creative types ."

Thanks again guys!



alan said...

Very cool trailer. It's like, if 2000ad were making movie adaptions and they did opening titles like Marvel do, using art from the strip. You could imagine this as the opening titles to a kick-ass movie. Nice art

Declan Shalvey said...

That's class man!

Leigh G said...

Cheers alan, it really made my weekend. Aaahh yes...a a movie...hey, we can dream...

Leigh G said...

Declan! Hey stranger! Though you realize that we can no longer be friends as you're now drawing a "zombie" book yourself on 28 DAYS LATER! We're competition now Shalvey!