Thursday, 25 November 2010


....And it was gooood......

Third year in a row that I have had a FANTASTIC weekend at Thought Bubble! And a large portion of that is due to the incredible Lisa Wood and her team of very lovely folk! (Hi to the other Leigh!)

I don't know why, but for some reason I always seem to be accepted more at this convention, and sold a pile of stuff! Next time I'll be sure to bring a bigger variety of prints, as I was surprised how popular the zombie ones were.

Once again, I met too many cool people to mention, but a shout out to my "neighbour", 2000AD legendary artist D'Israeli (a guy I've wanted to meet for a long time!) and his lovely girlfriend, and also hi to the folks of the Monkey On My Back podcast who I had a great chat with and shared my tasty, tasty doughnuts (I won't mention that they were queuing for D'Iraeli, not me *ahem*)!

The day ended with one of the best kormas I've ever had with some good friends, and a great aftershow party where, as usual, I couldn't find the time to talk with everyone I wanted to.

Here's a compilation of all but two of the sketches I did that day, with some close ups of my favourites. Enjoy, and see you there next year!
(PS: And thanks for all the thumbs up to the hat! It shall return next year!)



Anonymous said...

Not in the pictures, but cheers again for my Defoe.


Edward Kaye said...

Those are all awesome! You should come to a US con, so I can get a sketch!

Leigh G said...

Ahh sorry Lee--there was 2 or 3 that I didn't get a photo of for some reason. You're very welcome though!

Cheers Ed,I look forward to receiving the plane ticket from you!

Jonny said...

Great to see my mugshot (with my mates and brother too) with our sketches. I proper love your zombie sketches, but I'm also looking forward to seeing your new work on Dredd.

Leigh G said...

Thanks a lot Jonny! Well I've drawn about a million zombies now, so I've no excuse for them looking bad. Just don't ask me to draw a chicken--it'll look crap.

Jenny said...

Yay, Judge Octopus! I like how the picture looks like he (she?) is just creeping along and the picture kind of captures him/her in the process. Not sure how to express that properly. Movement?

Anyway, thanks for being so gracious when we mobbed you. I made a scan of it if you'd like a better quality picture? I also had a go at colouring it in but I won't put that here!


Leigh G said...

Hey Jenny, well thank you for giving me such an interesting pic to warm up with!
But seriously, how can you not tell that he's a HE...?!

DaveF said...

Thanks for the Defoe, I just love your art. Can't wait for Defoe second trade PB.

No doubt see you next year in Leeds

Need to think of a bigger challenge for you to draw :)

Leigh G said...

You're very welcome Dave! As for the next Defoe trade, I've just got word that it will be given a big push in Halloween! Plenty of time for me to add the extra pages!

Nick! said...

Blimey! Only just saw that you mentioned us here! Thanks, sir!

It really was great meeting you, despite the fact that we were queuing for D'Israeli, and not just because of the doughnuts!

Leigh G said...

No worries Nick! It was great talking you guys, and now I'm a regular listener of MOMBCAST!