Monday, 9 January 2012


It's e-LEIGH-mentary! (Sorry, I nicked that from someone else...)

Steven Moffat (who's work I loved back when he did "Coupling" and now "Doctor Who"!) and Mark Gatiss have done an incredible job, updating BBC's "Sherlock" into a show that I NEVER thought I would describe as a favourite of mine.

And obviously they struck gold when they found Benedict Cumberbatch to take the role of Sherlock, and Martin Freeman as Watson.

Stunning show, and so I felt a sudden urge to do this quick sketch....



Emperor said...

Drop Ian Edginton a line and work up a Sherlock comic pitch!!!

Leigh G said...

Heh, alas I hav no time Emp, with two series for 2000AD to work on this year.