Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Hey again,

Before I head off for a week's holiday, here's a couple of things....

Well I had a FANTASTIC weekend in London for the Orbital signing, with my writer Pat Mills and his incredible ABC WARRIORS/SLAIN artist Clint Langley! It's actually the first time I've met these guys in person despite knowing Pat in particular for 3 years(!) and we all got on like old pals.

The lovely guys at Orbital treated us really well, all the fans were cool (though we nearly had to stop some guys from humping Pat's leg), and to top it off, we had a surprise visit from the gang of 2000AD.....including The Mighty Tharg and his Mighty Wife!!!! We had such a cool night afterwards...

So a huge thank you to everyone involved--you actually made me "like" London, and I never thought I'd say that! If I manage to get some photos of the event, I'll update this post.

Right...I'd like to direct you all to the recent podcast interview I
did for the top guys at "Everything Comes Back to 2000AD" who I previously posted about here. If you can stand listening to my god awful scouse accent for an entire hour, then break out the Jelly Babies and put your feet up cos you're in for the ride of your evening!!!

It was good laugh, the boys were gentle with me for my very first podcast interview, and as long as they STAY AWAY FROM MY SISTER I'm sure we'll stay good mates! Though I am gutted I forgot to do my Welsh impersonation...

But be warned, there's STRONG LANGUAGE!

Ok, see you in a week guys, and greetings to all my new visitors from the Neil Gaiman Tweeting! (Over 4700 visitors in a day up to now!!!) So a big thanks to Neil, I'm glad you liked it, and cheers to Ed Kaye an Steven Gettis for putting it under his nose!

L (Sorry there's no drawings to post for once...)

PS. Before I forget, my buddies Dave Hendrick and Will Sliney have a great entry in this months Zuda Comics called THE SYMPTOMS, so check it out and vote for it here!


Bluemeanie said...

I would say thanks again for doing the podcast but already been ripped for apparently kissing your arse, so instead in my best Darth Vader voice I will say

"Sister?? You were wise to hide her from me. If you will not turn to the Dark Side... then perhaps she will... "

that should do it, chicks love a guy who can quote Star Wars

Leigh G said...

Mate, I don't think you kissed my arse enough dammit. I wanted it gleaming by the end!

That quote should definately do it for my sister. Expect her delivered to your door dressed as an ewok in 7-12 working days...