Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Above: Ian Edginton, Steve Yeowell and Dave Taylor.

Above: Antony Johnston, Me, and Al Ewing.

Girlfriend extrodinare Niki, and comic letterer extrodinare Simon Bowland, turned up for support.

It was a Joker sketch face-off between me and Dave Taylor!

Once again I had a FANTASTIC experience at the day's signing at Manchester's Travelling Man for the "We Love Comics Mini Comic Con"!!! Fans turned out in force to warmly greet myself, writers Al Ewing, Ian Edginton, Antony Johnston, and artists Dave Taylor and Steve Yeowell (who were all top blokes to hang out with). And as you can see, this time I have photos!

A big shout out to the cool customer who made us all enough cakes to feed Russia (though still confused by the cake design we weren't allowed to show the public....).

We were also joined for a night on the town by my lovely girlfriend Niki, and top comic book letterer Simon Bowland (who I can garantee is always working in the middle of the night at the same time as me).

For reasons I cannot disclose, Simon and I found a new hero in writer Al Ewing. All I can say is that Al is a STUD of the highest caliber, and he fully deserves to be on SFX Magazine's "Hot 50" list with Megan Fox from earlier in the year....

So a huge thank you to Haroon (who taught me the meaning of "Whack"), Nabil (who bought us all dinner!), and Abigail Ryder of Travelling Man for inviting us and showing us a good time! And congrats to Abigail for her soon to be published colouring work on Kingdom for 2000AD!



Aidan said...

It was great to meet you and everyone involved, just wish I'd known more about everyone there and what they did, kind of new to the comic game :P only read Watchmen at the beginning of this year, think I've got some catching up to do. I keep thinking I've picked my favourite Joker sketch, until I see them again, then I'm stuck! Both great, I'm chuffed anyway =>

Leigh G said...

Well OBVIOUSLY you should pick my Joker....
But thanks man, glad you had fun!

Aero said...

Hi Leigh,
sorry its taken a week to say thank you for the Zombie you drew for Ben and I, a busy week that went too fast as usual.
Prog 1656 arrived today and reminded me of last week.
It was a proper fab afternoon for us chatting away with you all and getting a handful of little gems-of-sketches. Nice to see Defoe get a behind the thrills page in this weeks Prog. Loved to see the little Mungo/Feldman sketch. Now that I know the GN has 20 redone panels I might have to get it and Ben and I can have some geeky fun looking through it spotting them.
Or will you tell us which they are?!

Leigh G said...

Hey Aero! Thanks for the kind words buddy!

Looking forward to seeing the interview in this week's prog--the original interview with Ed was actually twice as long, but unfortunately had to trim 2000 words off it so it could fit in the prog, so I'm very curious to see what's been kept in...

As for the graphic novel retouches, you can find the more obvious ones at an earlier post here:

All the others are more subtle retouches, that you'll have to find yourself dude!

Take care