Friday, 28 August 2009



First up, we have Ed Kaye's very generous review of Defoe 1666 at his great site HYPERGEEK (I previously talked about Ed's site at this earlier post HERE)! So thanks again Ed! I shall now return your dog, as was our agreement...

Next up, I recently did a pin-up to be included in the new edition of Barry Nugent's novel "Fallen Heroes". Barry, incase you don't remember, is one of the guys of the great podcast known as GEEK SYNDICATE, who I blogged about at length earlier HERE. This new edition of his book is going to feature sketches and pin-ups from a variety of artists and will be ready in time for the Birmingham Comic Con in October I believe. Mine can be seen below....

Now Geek Syndicate is like the Brady Bunch of podcasts, being the home to a variety of different shows. One of which is EVERYTHING COMES BACK TO 2000AD, hosted by Flint Lockjaw and Bluemeanie. If this was actually the Brady Bunch, these guys would be the illegitimate sons that they kept down in the basement, feeding them live sheep and goats.

It's a wonderful, funny show for fans of 2000AD (who have a fantastic new site!) as they usually review a mixture of old, classic issues as well as the latest progs. All read in funny comedy accents I might add!

In the latest show, Episode 9, the guys review the latest 4 issues of 2000AD, Defoe getting alot of kind words in particular, and alot of time is worryingly spent talking about how pretty I am (which is true of course, I was just trying to be humble). It's a very funny episode, but I really need to write a blog post soon clearing up this whole gender confusion thing going on about me (thanks to my stupidly spelt name--thanks mum and dad).

Anyway, you can find this glorious episode HERE (Strong language by the way kiddies) or you can subscribe to their show on ITUNES if you search for Geek Syndicate!

Finally,talking about shows with funny accents, my fellow 2000AD artist buddy, PJ HOLDEN, has recently started his own podcast with his mates called SUNNYSIDE COMICS! Currently up to episode 3, the show discusses comics, movies, and even creative tips as they've asked listeners to start sending them work to be critiqued on the show.

Absolutely no idea how PJ fits this into his already packed life (Seriously, read what he's up to HERE), but I'm glad he has. You can find the show HERE!

Bye bye.



Bluemeanie said...

Sorry for calling you pretty all those times. YOu see I do a bit of writing so I know what you arty types are like and know you need constant "No... you ARE special!! Now draw those 40 horses you bastard" type compliments or you lose your frigging muse or whatever you call it.

Really though, thanks mate. Really do love your art and if you are up for it would love to get you on for an hours beer fuelled stupidity at some point. Actually - what you doing tomorrow?

Will also be buying Defoe at BICS so expect a suitably offensive scribble inside it when I do :)

Leigh G said...

No worries Rich, anyone who says they don't like being called pretty once in a while is a bloody liar!

And thank you sir--gave me a bit of a buzz hearing you guys talk about Defoe like that.

Deffo up for a chat on your show! Though I shall PM you now as to when I can make it mate.

Gary Fitzgerald said...

hey Leigh, I'm an old mate of Steve's (and he's used all those scouser jokes on me for years), and got here via listening to the podcast.
Nice stuff, I like that your defoe style harkens back to the 70's bw greats.

Leigh G said...

Well give him a kick in the nuts from me next time you see him!
Cheers very much Gary, that's very kind of you to say sir, and I'm made up that some folk even THINK to put me in the same category as those blokes.
Take care,