Monday, 26 May 2008


I can count on one hand the number of artists that have inspired me. Gene Colan is one such artist.The same day I was reading through his classic black and white Tomb of Dracula, looking for inspiration, I heard that he was suffering from liver failure and urgently needs aid. His friend Cliff Meth has arranged an auction, looking for professional artists and writers to contribute artwork or signed books.

I really wished I had time to do a Dracula picture for this, but unfortunately my deadlines are ridiculous right now. Instead I've contributed the original page 1 of 2000AD's Defoe Book 2:Brethren of the Night (a nice moody zombie page)and also a Justice League Unlimited pencil page. This particular page was requested by DC Licencing to be used as a pitch for promotional comic to help kids who wet the bed(???). The project never went any further than this page featuring the characters who would have appeared in the comic.

More about Gene's situation can be found at Cliff's site HERE.

You can bid for the 2000AD Defoe page HERE.

And you can bid for the Justice League page HERE.

Even if you're not interested in these pages, there's plenty of other cool signed stuff from other pros in the business.

Thanks guys!


alan said...

You're like the Jean Giraud/Moebius of comics...oh wait, he's in comics too. As someone capable of such wildly different styles, you should have a pseudonym like Moeby does.

Leigh G said...

Ha! Cheers Alan.
I do actually go by the pseudonyms of Bryan Hitch, Jim Lee and PJ Holden---but don't tell anyone....