Friday 31 October 2008


So my final BIONICLE comic, issue 15, is currently flying around the globe (apart from here in Britain--no idea why)!

Obviously it's pretty sad for me, but there's no need to repeat what I said that earlier post and whine like a 6 year old girl. I think I finished my run with a nice looking issue, so here's a selection of my favourite pages --for maximum enjoyment I recommend sitting back in a comfy armchair with an ice cool McDonald's strawberry milkshake and a jacket potato...
(EDIT: As requested, I've added the splash page of Mata Nui rising to this post.)

Saturday 25 October 2008



Well, I'm back from my California road trip refreshed, de-stressed, with absolutely no sun tan whatsover! Me and Niki did so much, that it honestly feels like we've been away for 2 months.

But the alluring scent of my drawing board (I dip it in honey) proved too much, and I've been looking forward to getting back to work (how many people can say that?), and of course I missed all you lovely people.

My only gripe is that I seem to have developed insomnia since getting back! I'm typing this at 3am when I should be in bed dreaming of Gillian Anderson!

Soooo, whilst I was away the LEGO BIONICLE poster I did before I left was shown at a special event with photos posted on the web, meaning that I'm now allowed to post my pencil and ink versions, as shown above! This particular character is a HUGE deal for BIONICLE fans, as they've been waiting literally YEARS to see what he looks like! I hope I didn't let them down.

My final issue for this series is released next month, so more posts from that soon. After that, there should be alot of DEFOE BOOK 3 previews as that's what I'll be concentrating on for the next 7 months or so. I've just had my cover idea approved, so I'll ask Tharg (my 2000AD editor) if I'm allowed to show it early...

Thanks again to everyone who left messages while I was away. If you look at your original comments you should see that I've replied to them.

Catch you soon,


Sunday 12 October 2008


Yeah, sorry guys if anyone's left any messages for me and I've not replied. I'm currently on a road trip around California with limited net access, so I promise to get back to everyone shortly!

I've been horsey riding along DEATH DEFYING cliffs in Yosemite, WRESTLING scorpions and coyotes in Death Valley, and entertaining the studio audience of the sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" with my own personal rendition of Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me"....

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who's left me a cool message on this blog! Play nice amongst yourself until I return!

Take care for now!