Saturday 15 December 2012


But without the spanking.

Yeah, it's been a while since I've done this, but we got our new house a while back, and I FINALLY have the studio space I've wanted for a long time!

You can find the previous studio tours HERE and HERE to see how I've upgraded over the years, and for a closer look at some of the cooler stuff.

Ok, take your shoes off at the front door because here we go.....

 PWHOOOOAAAARRR.... this is the largest room I've ever had to play with, fitting all my crap in. Please bare in mind that it is NEVER, EVER  this tidy and organised. It won't look like this again for six months so I thought I'd better document this sharpish! Oh, and that table, even though I love it like a brother, is the bloody reason why I'm in debt now! (Never use credit cards kids....)

 I've now upgraded my A3 scanner to a Brother scanner/A3 printer. The Superman poster on the right will be getting replaced with a Thundercats poster as soon as I can afford to get it framed.

 Framed posters of two of my favourite films, "THE 'BURBS" and "HELLBOY"....

 You see that? That's a COUCH. IN MY STUDIO. A COUCH. I've always wanted a couch in my studio... do I sit on it much? Do I buggery. My dog does though...

Still loving my life sized Hellboy, Judge Dredd and Iron Man props.... won't be able to ever purchase any more though, being a newly married man with "responsiblities" now....

 Finally, this view is the one I'm most used to, where I spend most of my life trying not to go on the internet, eat my cakes, write my memoirs, oh, and DRAW AWESOME COMICS!

Right, that's your lot! Put that cake back where you found it, and GET OUT! I'm keeping your crappy shoes for that....


HEY YOU!!!! After something that will fill that empty hole in your life?

Well try the new 100 page BUMPER edition of 2000AD, featuring NINE new stories by a bunch of my talented mates, including a ten page AQUILA story written by Gordon Rennie, drawn by me, coloured by Gary Caldwell, and lettered by Simon Bowland. It's a "kind of" festive tale, in that it features a couple of relevant special guests...

You can find it in all good comic stores and newsagents over the next few weeks, or even purchase the digital edition HERE!

As an extra treat, here's a making of one of the interior AQUILA  pages....

Very loose pencils...                                      
Colours by Gary Caldwell...

FINALLY, as an added bonus, here's something that will absolutely give you no choice but to BUY IT...!!!
(Not many products are worthy enough to be advertised between my legs, but this is!)

By the way, you can still purchase past AQUILA original art pages HERE!

Tuesday 11 December 2012


Gotta say, I'm pretty damn happy with how this one turned out....

A good friend of mine wanted a special gift for her new husband, and so commissioned me to draw up this picture of the pair of them as characters from a certain film... you're just gonna have to trust me that this looks like them!

 See, sometimes it's good to have a comic book artist as an old friend!

Thursday 22 November 2012


(Now updated with an extra cover!)

Hey, back again, this time with random pages of original art from 2000AD's AQUILA. These include pages from the strip's introduction in the 2011 year ender issue of 2000AD, as well as the more recent 8 parter.

All pages are india ink on A3 bristol board or cartridge paper.
As with other art sales I have such as:

OK, all prices are ABOVE each page and add £7 postage if in the UK, elsewhere in the universe we'll talk. Thanks!

If interested in any, email me at and Payment is accepted via PAYPAL or bank transfer.

1: £120

2: £120

 3: £120

4: £120

 5: £120

 6: £150

 7: £70

8: £200 

9: £210 (Double spread)

10: £150

 11: £200

 12: £150 (SOLD!)

 13: £120

 14: £120

 15: £150

 16: £75

17: £350 (PROG 1793 Cover)

 18: £400 SOLD

19: £300 (PROG 1797 COVER) SOLD!


Hellooooo again!

So for those that don't know, waaaay back through the mists of time, I was the 2008 artist (penciller/inker) for DC Comics/ LEGO BIONICLE comic series, based on the popular toy line. You can read all my earlier bloggy posts at the handy link here.

I'm selling a random batch of original art pages I still have. All pages were drawn on 11.5x16.5 inch DC art boards. As with other art sales I have such as:


 OK, all prices are ABOVE each page and add £7 postage if in the UK, elsewhere in the universe we'll talk. Thanks!

If interested in any, email me at and Payment is accepted via PAYPAL or bank transfer.


2: £65

 3: £65

 4: £65

 5: £120

 6: £150 (Cover)

 7: £75

 8: £65 (SOLD!)

9: £200 (Double spread poster)

 10: £150 (Cover)


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, heroes in a half shell, TURTLE POWER!!!

God, I LOVE the new cartoon from Nicklodeon: Great funny script, gorgeous animation, impressive design, lovely voice acting, and my favourite of all, fantastic intro with updated theme tune!

My favourite Liverpool comic store, Worlds Apart, are actually lucky enough to be one of the first in the country to have the new toy line,and so are having a TMNT Day starting at 7.30am this Saturday, with all manner of cool Turtle stuff happening!!! (See the poster below)

So I thought I'd help them out with a turtle sketch (above) to add to their art display!

Maybe see you there. I'm gonna get me a Donatello....


Yup, you heard me: AWESOME!!!

Though you know what, it always is. Year after year the lovely Lisa Wood, Clark Burscough, Nabil Homsi, and the rest of the lovely Team TB put on a show that EVERYONE wants to go to. It really is one of the best comic cons out there, and still growing!

All the drawings you see here were pre ordered commissions. Think the Ghost Rider may have been my favourite!

Always great to see old friends at these events, just a shame that there's so many of us, we never seem to have enough quality time on a one to one basis. I won't try mentioning names, as I'll miss someone out and feel bad, but you all know who you amazing people are!

This time I only opted to do a signing slot with my fellow 2000AD droids, but that kept me plenty busy enough! Did a few sketches too, though I feel bad that my very first signing on Saturday, I forgot to offer the young lad and his mother a sketch (I signed 2 copies of 2000AD for you, and showed you a preview of Aquila), so if that was you please drop me a comment or email, and I'll mail you a sketch! (Probably best include proof it was you!)
The 2000AD panel (Al Ewing, Simon Davis, Simon Fraser, Rob Williams, Robbie Morrison, Lee Carter, Michael Molcher and myself) expertly hosted by Iz McCauliffe and Stacey Whittle was informative, completely inappropriate, and FUN! And they provided cakes, so from now on I demand that they host every panel from now on! Though I STILL didn't get a chance to tell my favourite story due to the panel running out of time!!!

(Photos by the HILARIOUS and very lovely Stacey Taylor.)

Managed to get my copy of the fabulous Thought Bubble Anthology from Image Comics, in which I drew Ivan Brandon's story "I'M THROUGH!". The comic is a beautiful package, and I'm made up to hear it's been getting great reviews!

I managed to pick up a few books from some talented buddies, that I'll pimp very soon in a future post.

A brief shout out to the Comics Anonymous gang who I managed to squeeze in a charity "Sketch off" session, being called upon to draw the Joker as a cheerleader(?), and a quick hi to the MOMBCAST gang, with apologies again to Nick (Nick!Nick!) (in joke sorry).

Have to say, the big party in the gorgeous Corn Exchange building was epic! What a venue for a bash! And despite months of preparation, Geek Syndicate's Barry Nugent still kicked my bum in our dance year Nuge, next year, you will bow to me....