Thursday 28 May 2009


Yup, finally I can start showing some real stuff from Book 3 of Defoe coming to 2000AD in 3 weeks.
These are the various stages I went through for the first of 3 covers I've done for this year. Originally I approached my editor Tharg with a rough drawing of an Indiana Jones type composition with our heroes Defoe and his sidekick the largest images, the main villian known as The Queen of Zombies looking suitably evil above them, and below, an action scene in silhouette of Defoe and his Brethren fighting zombies. But Tharg, quite rightly, but still dissapointingly, pointed out that there wouldn't be any room for a tagline with the figures at the bottom of the page...

So I had another crack at it, keeping the central figures, making the Queen's skull more central, and completely removed the figures at the bottom, instead adding flames around them, and he went for it!

Next up is the pencils. No problems at this stage, though I still wasn't sure whether or not to add pupils to the skull's eyes. Also, I still had no idea how I was gonna colour the flames at this point.
So here's the inks. Wasn't too keen on how it turned out at this stage. Something didn't seem right. So I sent it to a few friends who pointed out that Defoe's hand didn't seem quite right--it looked like his other hand should be holding the gun, so I redrew that whole section and pasted it on. Also, I could tell it was a mistake adding pupils to the skull's eyes, and the fire just looked too cluttered....

And here's the final colour piece with all the changes! This is actually the second attempt at colouring the image as in the first attempt I kept in alot of the line work for the fire and it just looked amatuerish to be honest. So I scrapped it and started again, completely painting over the fire, though it took a LOOOONG time to get to a point where I could let it go...

Finally, here's a scan of the advert in the latest Judge Dredd Megazine that I discovered today and had a big grin on my face when I saw it. It's great to finally see it with some text.

Right, hopefully this'll make up for the absence of blog posts recently. Catch you soon!

Thursday 21 May 2009


Hey guys. Right, a while ago I contributed a sketch to the DRAW THE WORLD TOGETHER charity sketchbook, which features characters from the game CITY OF HEROES.

Here's what artist and DTWT organiser, Andrew Wildman has to say:

"A second chance to grab one of these limited edition City of Heroes sketchbooks. This one #4of10 All are signed by a whole host of artists; Dave Gibbons (cover), Doug Braithwaite, Misako Rocks, Mark Buckingham, Andie Tong, Phil Winslade, Jon Haward, Mike Collins, Bryan Talbot,  Simon Williams, Andrew Wildman, Neil Edwards, Al (Astral Gypsy) Davidson and Boo Cook. And of course, if you dont want to make a bid yourselves you can help out by posting a link to the auction on any forums or blogs that you are active in. Check out the site for more info and a link to the auction.

Many thanks

You can go straight to the Ebay auction HERE  and more on the DRAW THE WORLD TOGETHER charity HERE.