Sunday 29 August 2010


Well, Defoe is returning in this Wednesday's 2000AD prog 1700, which is a big deal! It's a great jumping on point for new 2000AD readers as it's not only the start of Defoe, but also 4 other new stories dipped in sticky Thrill Power!!!

In the run up to Wednesday, that hairy Welsh bloke, Richard McAuliffe (from Everything Comes Back to 2000AD) is interviewing creators featured in the prog, for the Geek Syndicate site. He's already interviewed Rob Williams, and Pat Mills, but now, it's time to make way for THE INTERVIEW OF LEIGH GALLAGHER!!!

(Warning: sexy, sexy contents inside.)

And buy 2000AD 1700 in stores on Wednesday!

Friday 6 August 2010


Right, here's a brief departure from my usual stuff...

Around 6 months ago Dave Evans, editor of the 2000AD fanzines "Dogbreath" and "Zarjaz" contacted me about doing a cover for "Zarjaz" issue 10 (out in October) based on one of the interior stories.

That story was "FLESH: Extinction" written by Mark Howard, drawn by Chris Geary, and inspired by my current writer Pat Mills' classic "FLESH" series for 2000AD.

So I came up with this rough, based on the main creature....
...but then Dave informed me it was actually a DOUBLE SPREAD they needed, so after cursing his name I figured out the other side, that involved as little extra drawing as possible.
As you can tell, my pencils were pretty rough, and I realized that the perspective was completely wrong when looking at the ground area. I was trying to have him on the edge of a cliff, but it wasn't working, so I redrew it as I inked.
Alot better me thinks! Plus adding the tentacle in the foreground on the left gave it a nice sense of depth I thought...
Finally, colouring! Not much to add here, though I'm not sure if I prefer the black and white version. Pretty happy with it though, and it was nice to draw something completely different to my usual stuff!