Thursday 3 December 2015


 And so came the day when The Mighty Tharg did the unthinkable.... A SUPERHERO COVER ON 2000AD!!!

Utter madness you say, but hold those spanking paddles everyone. It's relevant to the issue's Defoe storyline where Defoe faces off against 17th century London's "pseudo heroes"!

Tharg sat alone in his chamber, and whispered to himself, "There's only one man who can do this.... The Most Handsome Man In Comics...."

And so I was teleported to The Nerve Centre where he demanded that I create a cover based on this panel I drew in the episode......

"Can I colour it mostly red like my other covers? Most people seem to like that, and it's piss easy!" I asked....

"NO, YOU LAZY FECKER! DO IT PROPERLY!!!" Tharg bellowed! His eyes burning like a thousand suns....

"Ahh bollocks." I said, before getting to work.

Here's my rough pencils. Quite a squeeze with 7 characters!

I then tightened up my pencils, swapping a couple of characters over to make the cooler ones more visible.


Colouring 7 characters took a while. Mainly the flatting which is always a ball ache. Slight grey wash layer added.

And then I added a cool sky background, with some extra photoshopped airbrushing and a hazy overlay added.

So then it was sent to 2000AD's production droids of which you can see the final cover at the top of this post!

You can find a preview of this prog 1958, featuring Defoe: The London Hanged episode 9, written by Pat Mills, drawn by me, and lettered by Annie Parkhouse, at CBR HERE!

And you can purchase it in all good comic stores or digitally at the 2000AD online store HERE!

See ya!