Wednesday 25 January 2012


Hey guys, thought it was about time I started advertising the sale of my original pages. I've always sold work privately, but I have SO MUCH lying around, I need to start shifting it.

All pages are india ink on A3 bristol board or cartridge paper.
As with other art sales I have such as:
OK, all prices are ABOVE each page and add £7 postage if in the UK, elsewhere in the universe we'll talk. Thanks!.

If interested in any, email me at and Payment is accepted via PAYPAL or bank transfer.


WEREWOLF! This was done for a possible trading card for Renegade Arts Entertainment. A very favourite image of mine. Actual inked image size is A4 on an A3 board. 

SHERLOCK. Recent sketch inspired by the tv show. A4 Pencils. PRICE £60

 SERAPH! Pre-lim design for 2000AD's Defoe. A3 pencils. PRICE: £70

HELLBOY. Unpublished. Purely done for myself. Another favourite image of mine. A3 inked illustration. 
PRICE: £250

PHONOGRAM: THE SINGLE CLUB. This is the hilarious 4 page backup story "David Kohl: Phonomancer" written by Kieron Gillen. Inked art on 11.5x17 inch board. PRICE: £65 for each individual page.

2000AD ZARJAZ FANZINE COVER. Double spread cover for the "FLESH" inspired issue of Zarjaz issue 10. A3 inked. PRICE £100

Monday 9 January 2012


It's e-LEIGH-mentary! (Sorry, I nicked that from someone else...)

Steven Moffat (who's work I loved back when he did "Coupling" and now "Doctor Who"!) and Mark Gatiss have done an incredible job, updating BBC's "Sherlock" into a show that I NEVER thought I would describe as a favourite of mine.

And obviously they struck gold when they found Benedict Cumberbatch to take the role of Sherlock, and Martin Freeman as Watson.

Stunning show, and so I felt a sudden urge to do this quick sketch....


Saturday 7 January 2012


Yup, I've finally caved in, bit the bullet, spanked the donkey....whatever you wanna call it...

I'll see how it goes for a few weeks, testing the water, spanking the....whatever you wanna call it...

But "follow" me if you want @ArtyGallagher...probably not for kiddies I might add...


Friday 6 January 2012


Hey again,

So enough time has passed since the Aquila Prologue (written by Gordon Rennie, art by me, colours by Dylan Teague, letters by Simon Bowland and logo by Simon Parr) debuted in 2000AD's Prog 2012 (bloggy post HERE), and I'm made up to say it's been VERY well received! So an overly long, uncomfortable awkward hug to everyone that's raved about it!

Got a bunch of stuff to share with you here so gather around...apart from you smell funny.

I'm hoping that I nailed the design of his face first time, though that was probably due to all the research time I had to spend looking up "hot black men"...luckily Nik didn't walk in on me...

Next up, we have a pile of rough designs we considered for Ammit The Devourer--an Egyptian demon known to be part Lion, hippo and crocodile. We eventually settled for a design that was practically none of those things and I came up with a concept that highlighted "The Devourer of Souls" aspect...

This is the one we settled on:
Next we have the making of the final colour page you see at the top of this post, featuring Aquila and The Devourer. Gordon scripted:

Panel 1
Splash-page shot. Aquila, grimly walking away from the burning building he was held captive in. Shapes behind him in the smoke and flames.  The Devourer. The Egyptian Scales of Judgement. Images from Aquila’s past and (maybe even) future; battles, burning cities, monsters, gods and demons, emperors and conquerors, supernatural creatures from Ancient World mythology. Go wild here, Leigh. If we like the look of it, it’s going into a future story.
From out of rebellion, a reaper will come.
Down from cruel cross, an avenger descends.
Servant of a demon, slayer of kings,
Hunter of gods and men.
The world will be this gladiator’s arena, 
And he shall know no rest,
Until his task is done.
Loose pencils:

And GLORIOUS colours by that talented twelve year old boy,Dylan Teague:

Which brings us to the final published page lettered by my buddy Simon Bowland, seen at the beginning of this post.Gotta say, I'm pretty damn chuffed with how it turned out!

 I'm hoping to be getting the first script of the full series from Gordon in the next couple of weeks and I honestly can't wait!

Catch you soon.



Hey guys! Happy New Year to you all!

Righty, this first post of 2012 is one that I really should have done MONTHS ago, but I've just been caught up in deadline after deadline, that I just haven't found the time.

Good mate of mine, artist John Higgins, recommended me to Paul Gallagher (no relation and bloody nice bloke!), the Curator of Contemporary Collecting at The Museum of Liverpool. The job was to create a massive comic strip depicting the most famous local heroes of Liverpool and Everton football over the years, and the strip would be on display at the new museum in "The Wondrous Place" exhibition.

It was great fun planning this with Paul and designer Rob Harris (more on him later). Paul himself wrote a wonderful little tale of a Grandad and Granddaughter walking through Liverpool's Stanley Park and coming across a football game about to begin. Very soon, the two realise that the players are actually the "ghosts" of our most famous local heroes coming together for one special football game.

Here's the rough layout that I designed after reading his script. Bare in mind that the final image would be blown up to roughly 3 metres x 3 metres....
My original plan was to draw the whole thing on one piece of A1 board, but soon gave myself a big (manly) slap when I realised that there was NO CHANCE I could fit that many footballers into that space. So I had no option but to draw each panel individually on A3 and A4 pages, then forward the coloured files to designer Rob Harris of Haley Sharpe Design, who arranged the panels onto the layout template and lettered the whole strip from Paul's script. Haley Sharpe by the way, were the Lead Exhibition Design Consultants for the museum, and an incredible job they did too!

Here's some random pre-lettered panels.

I was very honoured and proud to be invited to the new museum opening in July with Niki and my dad. It was WAY fancier than the usual events I go to (I had to wear SHOES!) and the building itself on the waterfront is a beautiful piece of architecture. Here's a few photos of our football strip in all it's glory up on the wall:

So thanks once again to John, Paul and Rob. I'm genuinely proud to be part of such a project in my home city, so please be sure to check it out whenever you're in town!