Saturday 29 May 2010


WOW...what a weekend! I honestly had the BEST weekend at last weekend's Bristol convention!

I've not been in years, but Bristol was THE con to go to when trying to break in. I have to say, it was nice being there after all this time and not having to keep an eye out for an editor to pimp my work to...

This time, it was all about hanging at the 2000AD table with my new friends (Rebellion's Pye Parr, Luke Preece and Wiggz), and catching up with a lot of my old friends. And so much fun was had! It genuinely put me on such a high for days afterwards!

Check out these photos, all courtesy of Rebellion's Wiggz...
Above is me pencilling the big ass Dredd pic that would be later given away to a lucky chappy in a draw.
The finished piece! I'm telling you though, that gun was a pain in the ass to draw...whoever designed it needs a punch in the balls...

The next day I decided to tackle something a bit easier for the give away prize--a zombie. Hey kids, it's 2000AD artist Lee Carter!
The finished piece! It was harder than I thought finding the time to do this, as I gladly did sketches for anyone that asked, but also had to finish it before our 2000AD panel that writer Al Ewing was in charge of. The panel in question definitely had its bizarre moments like Al doing an Orville impersonation with the discarded skin of Tharg...?!
Here's me handing the zombie pic over to Jen, the well deserved winner! She even left me a nice message afterwards--makes it all worth it!
I was introduced to a lovely American bloke by the name of Jimmy Aquino of the fantastic podcast, Comic News Insider, who was obviously drunk because he asked to interview me the next day! Make with the clicky HERE to listen to a very funny show--my interview can be found around the 41 minute mark....I warn you, I do attempt to do a Welsh impersonation...

Thank you so much to all of those who stopped by the 2000AD booth to say hi. And good luck to all of you who showed us their portfolios--I've never been to a con where I've seen so many talents that deserve to be getting professional work--hang in there guys, your time will definately come!

I also met Cosmo--possibly the coolest 10 year old I've ever met in my life, and future comic book artist...or actor...

And finally thanks to all my friends, old and new, who made me laugh so bloody hard--you know who you are....


Saturday 15 May 2010


Just a quick one guys to let you know that I'll be at The Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo on the 22nd-23rd May. You'll be able to find me at the 2000AD table all weekend! And just like at the previous SFX Weekender, myself, Clint Langley and whatever other droids are available, will be doing HUGE drawings that you can win in a raffle, of which you can get a ticket with every purchase!

Also, on the 4th and 5th of June, I'm a guest of the 2D Comics Festival in Northern Ireland, Derry! Never been to Ireland before and I can't wait!

Tuesday 11 May 2010


Still quite a wait until Defoe returns to 2000AD in September, but that's fine by me, as I have LOADS to still do anyway!

Obviously I can't show much at this point, but above is a couple of non spoilery panels ( And yes, Defoe is pissed in that shot!).

Even though this is Book 4 of Defoe, Pat Mills and I are discussing Book 5, and I'm proud to say that he thought my idea for a story point (and cover) featuring Mungo's codpiece was "Excellent" that's nice....



Hello again!

Well, BBC2's "I'M IN A ROCK 'N' ROLL BAND!" has recently aired Episode 2. More info on the series can be found on the BBC website HERE. A blog post on "the making of" can be found HERE.

Below are some of the drawings I did for the main title sequence, which were then sent to my old mate Alan OBrien (drawn as the lead singer!) of SUMCREATIVE who did an unbelievable job jazzing it up with computery animation and wacky effects!

I've attached some screen shots of the final sequence that obviously don't do it any justice...

By the way, even though you may not see my name in every episode's credits, I HAVE worked on every episode...don't ask...

And yes, I drew myself as the drummer....what? You're just jealous cos I'm in a band...