Friday 30 September 2011


Helloooo...well here's a scan of the official announcement of the new/old (we'll explain that later) series I'll be drawing for 2000AD...AQUILA! Written by Gordon Rennie! All I can say right now is that it's set in Roman times....

We'll have a 10 page prologue coming out at the end of the year, with a full series following at some point. Even though the above image is black and white, the final strip will be coloured by that ridiculously talented artist/ 12 year old boy, Dylan Teague! Can't wait!

For now, I'm busy working on a 6 part Judge Dredd written by THE John Wagner and various bits for the BBC.

Busy, busy busy...

More soon!


Wednesday 14 September 2011


Yup, I'm back again.

Here's a commission I did for regular viewer of my bloggy, Eric Moore, AKA Mangamax. Eric has started a very interesting new blog entitled SOMEONE OLD, SOMEONE NEW, which asks an artist to draw their own depiction of a classic British comic book character meeting a current day character.

Eric's always been very kind and complimentary towards my work, so it was an honour to add to his collection, drawing my version of Janus Stark vs Defoe, and I'm very happy with how it turned out! You can check out the post HERE, which also shows a couple of my prelim drawings as well, but you have to view the rest of his beautiful collection from the beginning HERE!


OK, planning on doing a few posts over these next couple of days to make up for the dry spell lately due to me working incredibly hard doing the manly work of drawing.

First up: pointing you in the direction of a couple good friends of mine who have got some exceptionally cool stuff out!

Peter Collier is a man with the tiniest ankles I've ever seen in my life, but he's also one of the cleverest men I've known in my life, and so will probably be able to afford a hot tub way before me due to being an exceptional entrepreneur .

He, with his two friends Stephen Cakebread and Ben Ward, set up their own games company this year called HOGROCKET. Their very first game app, TINY INVADERS, is now available on the iTunes store and is quite awesome! It's a ridiculously addictive puzzle game where you play a band of space germs travelling from host to host, in a bid to take over the world by reaching The President!

Addictive gameplay, a soundtrack that will never leave your head, and graphics from a BAFTA award winning animation team, make a game that has  " The Leigh Gallagher: Most Handsome Man In Comics" stamp of approval! So head to The app store NOW ! It's well worth it's ridiculously low price! (And I'd really like at least one of us to get a hot tub soon, so we can start "Hot tub Fridays...)

Right, next is....who? Ahh crap, not this guy.....ok, if I have to....this next one is my fellow 2000AD artist (who probably only got the job because 2000AD had to fill their quota of employing little people), and my eternal nemesis, PJ HOLDEN.

Now PJ's always a busy, busy artist, currently working on ROBOCOP VS TERMINATOR (with lovely writer Rob Williams) and the soon to be concluded NUMBERCRUNCHER in the Judge Dredd Megazine (with writer Si Spurrier, who's just as lovely as Rob, but with a lot more hair).

But now, with writer Gordon Rennie (who yours truly shall be working on a new 2000AD series with next year!) has co created....THE DEPT OF MONSTEROLOGY! Never mind the fact that it has a really cool title. Never mind the fact that it has a bloody lovely logo. This series is written by a writer who everyone knows is a genuine talent, with glorious art by PJ that you can tell he's taken his time over. Just look at the preview pages!

Plus, if you didn't get it from the title, it's all about frickin' MONSTERS! I'm actually really jealous PJ's got this gig...

Look for it in the near future published by the nice folks at RENEGADE ARTS ENTERTAINMENT, and check out the Facebook page for lots of behind the scenes cool stuff!

Ok, that's enough of me being selfless....