Wednesday 25 May 2011


 Helloooooooo.......OK, so even though I'm smack bang in the middle of moving house, I'm still coming to this weekend's LONDON MCM EXPO!!! Not been for a couple years and really looking forward to it.

I have my own table in the Comic Village for Saturday, where as usual, I'll be doing free head sketches and giving grooming tips. On the merchandise front, I'll have some copies of the original Defoe collection ( still awaiting Book 2 out in October!), BUT ALSO I've permission from the great THARG himself to do limited edition prints of some of my favourite 2000AD covers!

Each A3 print is on shiny, shiny card stock and limited to only 25 copies, priced at £10 each, all signed and numbered by me. Once you buy it, you're free to frame it, or glue it to your chest, or eat it in a sandwich....up to you!

The three new prints are as follows.....
2000AD prog 1643(click for info)
Defoe 1666 Book 1(click for info)

On Sunday I'll be spending the day at 2000AD's booth and may do one of those big ass drawings to give away in a raffle. (See the recent SFX Weekender post for an example!)

Also on Sunday, I've signed up for the writers vs artists Pictionary contest at 3pm, where astonishingly the artists have NEVER won! We shall see about that....

(Not really, I'm crap at Pictionary...)

There's a link to the floor plan where you can find me HERE.

See you there!
(UPDATE: Afraid the print quality isn't really what I'd hoped on some of the prints I just picked up, so I'll just have a handful of them to sell this Saturday, sorry.)