Tuesday 29 September 2009


Above: Ian Edginton, Steve Yeowell and Dave Taylor.

Above: Antony Johnston, Me, and Al Ewing.

Girlfriend extrodinare Niki, and comic letterer extrodinare Simon Bowland, turned up for support.

It was a Joker sketch face-off between me and Dave Taylor!

Once again I had a FANTASTIC experience at the day's signing at Manchester's Travelling Man for the "We Love Comics Mini Comic Con"!!! Fans turned out in force to warmly greet myself, writers Al Ewing, Ian Edginton, Antony Johnston, and artists Dave Taylor and Steve Yeowell (who were all top blokes to hang out with). And as you can see, this time I have photos!

A big shout out to the cool customer who made us all enough cakes to feed Russia (though still confused by the cake design we weren't allowed to show the public....).

We were also joined for a night on the town by my lovely girlfriend Niki, and top comic book letterer Simon Bowland (who I can garantee is always working in the middle of the night at the same time as me).

For reasons I cannot disclose, Simon and I found a new hero in writer Al Ewing. All I can say is that Al is a STUD of the highest caliber, and he fully deserves to be on SFX Magazine's "Hot 50" list with Megan Fox from earlier in the year....

So a huge thank you to Haroon (who taught me the meaning of "Whack"), Nabil (who bought us all dinner!), and Abigail Ryder of Travelling Man for inviting us and showing us a good time! And congrats to Abigail for her soon to be published colouring work on Kingdom for 2000AD!


Thursday 17 September 2009

Tuesday 15 September 2009


Hey again,

Before I head off for a week's holiday, here's a couple of things....

Well I had a FANTASTIC weekend in London for the Orbital signing, with my writer Pat Mills and his incredible ABC WARRIORS/SLAIN artist Clint Langley! It's actually the first time I've met these guys in person despite knowing Pat in particular for 3 years(!) and we all got on like old pals.

The lovely guys at Orbital treated us really well, all the fans were cool (though we nearly had to stop some guys from humping Pat's leg), and to top it off, we had a surprise visit from the gang of 2000AD.....including The Mighty Tharg and his Mighty Wife!!!! We had such a cool night afterwards...

So a huge thank you to everyone involved--you actually made me "like" London, and I never thought I'd say that! If I manage to get some photos of the event, I'll update this post.

Right...I'd like to direct you all to the recent podcast interview I
did for the top guys at "Everything Comes Back to 2000AD" who I previously posted about here. If you can stand listening to my god awful scouse accent for an entire hour, then break out the Jelly Babies and put your feet up cos you're in for the ride of your evening!!!

It was good laugh, the boys were gentle with me for my very first podcast interview, and as long as they STAY AWAY FROM MY SISTER I'm sure we'll stay good mates! Though I am gutted I forgot to do my Welsh impersonation...

But be warned, there's STRONG LANGUAGE!

Ok, see you in a week guys, and greetings to all my new visitors from the Neil Gaiman Tweeting! (Over 4700 visitors in a day up to now!!!) So a big thanks to Neil, I'm glad you liked it, and cheers to Ed Kaye an Steven Gettis for putting it under his nose!

L (Sorry there's no drawings to post for once...)

PS. Before I forget, my buddies Dave Hendrick and Will Sliney have a great entry in this months Zuda Comics called THE SYMPTOMS, so check it out and vote for it here!

Tuesday 8 September 2009


(UPDATE: Unbelievably, when Neil Gaiman himself got wind of this image via the Twitterverse, thanks to Steve Gettis, my blog received around 5000 hits in 24 hours!)

Hey guys,

Steven Gettis has been bugging me for a whole year to contribute a drawing to his very impressive website where he collects artistic interpretations of literary characters and authors.

The sheer amount of top talent that he's recruited is astounding (God knows what dirt he's got on these guys!), and I'm very proud to be asked to join the gang.

Above is the Neil Gaiman drawing I contributed, obviously inspired by his incredible "Graveyard Book". Generally I shy away from doing "likenesses", but hopefully I haven't done that bad a job this time....

Thank Buffy I can finally cross him off my list now....

Right, back to drawing Dredd...

Wednesday 2 September 2009


Well if you ever prayed for your chance to throw rude shaped vegetables at me, here it is!

On Saturday 12th September,2pm at London's Orbital Comics, I'll be signing Defoe 1666 along with writer Pat Mills, who will also be signing with his other incredible ABC Warriors artist, Clint Langley! It's a triple whammy of comic book coolness!

Check out that poster--it's Battle of the Hairdos 2009, but there can only be one winner...

Really looking forward to it, so hope to see you there!