Sunday 29 December 2013


Hope y'all had a fantastic Christmas! I did, as I had a BABY!  ;)

So anyway, I've just updated the original Judge Dredd artwork bloggy post (found here) with nearly THIRTY new pieces!!!

As I've been getting more enquires lately, I've found some more from "DAY OF CHAOS" as well as the latest Christmas tale "THE RIGHT THING" from the bumper 2013 prog. Also a few more double pages from "THE FAMILY MAN" and finally from "WHAT THE HITLER SAW"!

Here's a few examples, but head to the main post for more!!!

Tuesday 10 December 2013


(Cover by Ben Willsher.)

I FINALLY get my hands on Dredd again! And this time it's drawing the 12 page "The Right Thing" for the special year ender BUMPER prog of 2000AD 2014!!! 

It's brilliantly written by Michael Carroll, wonderfully coloured by Chris Blythe, and lovingly lettered by Annie Parkhouse!

(My inked page.)

It's part of a great lineup of THRILLPOWERED tales by a host of my buddies in the business, and you can see a preview of each of the stories on CBR HERE!

(Brilliant colours by Chris Blythe and letters by Annie Parkhouse.)

I should say that another reason I was ecstatic to have another crack at Judge Dredd, is because I wanted this opportunity to slightly "tweak" my version of him. Here's the thing: there's WAY TOO MANY talented artists with their own takes on him, that I wanted mine to stand out too (apart from the old man scrotum face look that I'm known for).

So I tried to go for a look that was the opposite to what a lot of my friends do with him:

(My rough design approved by Tharg.)

Thinner, sleaker, a blacker look with no highlights, a collar closer to the movie version, a thicker zip, and "tread marks" down his chest.

A slight problem: even though I LOVE Chris Blythe's colouring on this, (it's some of the best I've seen him do!) as is the case sometimes, it's printed a touch too dark, and so it's hard to make out some of my new uniform tweaks.  So here is my inked version of Dredd's appearance in the episode.....

So that's it! Please check out the bumper 2000AD Prog 2014 out in all good stores from tomorrow, as well as digitally from the 2000AD store HERE!

I'm really quite proud of this one!!!!

(PS: Look out for a guest appearance by me in another strip in this prog, courtesy of my nemesis, PJ Holden....)