Sunday 20 July 2008

I'm back!

Well the craziness of my schedules is over, and I'm taking some downtime for a couple weeks to rejoin the human race, get a hair cut, eat some pasties, and chill out with my incredibly understanding girlfriend.
Here's some uncoloured pages from issue 13 of BIONICLE that's currently being mailed out to a milllion fanclub members around the world...
In the next couple of weeks, I'm hoping to do a bit of a "Studio Tour" so you can see how a freelance comic artist lives. OBVIOUSLY I'm gonna have to take a couple of days to tidy up, so you don't see the reality of half eaten bowls of porridge, 15 Bionicle toys in bits on the floor, and assorted cake wrappers around the base of my bin that I really should have emptied days earlier...but you'll get the general idea...


Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh,

Some stunning pages, they show a bit of a different side to your art from Defoe. Can I ask, do you ink them using photoshop or by hand, 'cos some of your curves are sublime.

Alan said...

The inking looks 'real', though maybe you used a p'shop for a guide?
A studio tour is just the sort of thing I wanna get in a blog like this. Looking forward.

Leigh G said...

Thanks alot Andy, Alan,

Nooo....all the inkings done by hand guys. Believe me, I tried using Photoshop to see if I could get away with just adjusting the brightness/contrast levels on the pencils, so I could get away with not inking and save a Big Mac load of time, but just didn't work.

The toys are just too detailed for a technique like that, so I'm having to do it the old fashioned way.

But cheers for the compliments!

Leigh G said...

Oh, and Alan, don't get your your hopes up about the studio tour--I work from the spare room of our house, so you're not gonna be seeing gleaming marble pillars,Umpa Lumpas or the equivalent of the Marvel bullpen!

Declan Shalvey said...

Great stuff Leigh!

I for one look forward to the studio tour. I was gonna do one myself before i packed up from aberdeen, but it was always in suchy a state i didn't want anyone to see it!


me+lego=good said...

Wow! It's hard to tell if I like the collered one or the not-so-collered one more! :P You didnt use Photoshop on the inking?!? I thought you did.... Silly me! :P Okay then what tipe of pens did you use to get so dark lines? looking at the pics again I think I like the not-so-collered in ones better 'cause you can see the detail more.... but then again thats just me!

<>_<> me+lego=good <>_<> (Or Sakaru:Toa of magma to some people! :P)

Anglemeister said...

sweet! it looks good like that!

Leigh G said...

That's alot guys!
I just use Indian ink and fineliner pens for the inking, but once I scan it into Photoshop I adjust the contrast and brightness to make it look pure black.