Tuesday 11 January 2011


Hey guys,

Hope you all had a memorable holiday period! Me, I'm really looking forward to a fresh start this year....

Don't get me wrong, it had it's unbelievable moments like Niki agreeing to marry me(!), as well as some of my favourite people in the world having equally great life changing news, but professionally .... eeesh...I've never had a year like this where so many "clients" have attempted to take advantage of me. Seriously, I can't beliiiieeeeve the amount of people who think that we freelance artists survive by drinking the sweat from strangers armpits....NEVER AGAIN!

For a couple of examples, I'm talking about deluded @sshole musicians who see themselves as Jesus, and publishers who have had successful movies out wanting to pay me with books that I'm not even interested in reading (oh, and didn't even send those in the end!)...

So, I've learnt a lot of lessons, and this new year, I'm going all out to make sure that this is going to be a damn good one!

As well as working on Book 5 of Defoe and prepping the second graphic novel collection (out in October), I'm developing brand new projects to pitch, including finally finishing my children's picture book.

Above, you'll see a taster of what I'm working on now for 2000AD-- still my favourite company to work for, and the one that I kiss every night before I go to bed!

Apologies dear sweet reader, if this was seen as a rant. I honestly just want you to feel as inspired as I do right now. My God, I just wanna kick some creative ass this year! (And that pleb who thinks he's Jesus.)

Oh, and I also want to finally send this application form off to Total Wipeout....

Take care, and good luck to us all!



Alex said...

Sounds unhappily familiar territory, "why should you get paid? it's only a drawing." All too common an attitude I'm afraid.

Just started seeing your art recently when I got back into reading 2000ad and the Megazine.

Brilliant art and you do an excellent Dredd looking the age he should.

Leigh G said...

Appreciate the kind words Alex. Though, looking through your awesome work, you do a mean Dredd yourself!

Maria Nachawi said...

HI ,i've been waiting the good news for a while i am glad that your girlfriend agreed to Marry you ,i thought it was so romantic and definitely very inspiring the way you proposed .

i know what you mean about people taking advantage of you,it is most of the time like that in the art business until we really learn our lesson and stop trusting everyone.i am jewelry designer and i had also my share of that when i did couple of freelancing ,but really don't let it disappoint you there are people out there who really appreciate a good art work .
good luck for this year and keep up the good work .

ashbarron said...


Payment in books what a douche bag.

Can we trade books to pay the council tax???
You should name and shame

Leigh G said...

Hi Maria,

Thanks for your nice comments. The thing is, even though I've learnt my lessons and stop trusting as many people--I don't like the fact that it's come to that, as I've always been a generally trusting person.

Ah well, we'll see how this new tactic works this year. Take care Maria.

Hi Ash, yeah I didn't take that one lying down. No naming and shaming I'm afraid though--even though i've no intention of ever wanting to deal with this person again, I've friends who work with him now.

Wiggz said...

Hey Leigh,
All the best for 2011 - hopefully catch up with you at some point this year.

All the best,


Leigh G said...

Ha! Hey Wiggz mate, good to hear from you! Well it's all go this year with a new house on the horizon, and me attempting to maximise my productivity to afford said house!

Catch you soon.