Thursday 10 March 2011


(Cover by Ben Templesmith)

Hey guys, 

Here's a nice surprise I got in the mail! The 120 page Lovecraft Anthology Volume 1!

It's an interesting side job I took on last year for Self Made Hero, illustrating an 18 page version of H.P.Lovecraft's "The Shadow Over Innsmouth", adapted by my old, old lovely friends John Reppion and Leah Moore.

Definitely different to my usual style, I was asked to do this in colour. I've only ever coloured covers for 2000AD, so this is my first fully coloured strip, so be gentle on me.

As well as our adaption, the book features another six stories, all told by incredibly talented creators, and they are genuinely all fantastic, making a really nice package.

So ask for it at your local comic book store, book store, or find it online here!

And look out for a feature about the book with interviews with myself and other creators involved, in next months Judge Dredd Megazine.

Here's a few teaser panels....


Mangamax said...

A teaser indeed. LOVE a bit of HP, and looking forward to what folks come up with for the beasties.

Leigh G said...

Yeah, there's a lot of good treats in store. Honestly not a duffer among them!

Alan said...

Nice! Reminds me a bit of John Ridgway - maybe a touch of Arthur Ransome

Leigh G said...

Very kind of you Alan thanks! Love their stuff.

Jenne said...

I just heard about this collection a week ago and immediately ordered it when I saw that The Shadow Over Innsmouth was included. I'm sure you did it justice.

Leigh G said...

Hey there Jenna,

Thank you so much! God, now I just hope I don't disappoint!

And you've given me a kick up the arse to update this blog later tonight!

Take care,