Friday 8 February 2013


 Yes, it's true, now YOU CAN all dress as cool as me!

As you can see, 2000AD with Plastichead have produced a t-shirt featuring my "crotchtastic" Judge Dredd cover art from prog 1770 of which you can see the original making of HERE.

I'm really made up to actually have some official "merch" out there, the only slight downside being is that they were apparently made "exclusively" for HMV high street stores to coincide with the awesome DREDD dvd release, who if you didn't know, unfortunately went through administration and are currently closing down a lot of stores.

So, if you can't find it in a HMV, the makers PLASTICHEAD are selling it on their online store HERE!  Just search for "Dredd" in the t-shirt section.

Finally, here's some PROFESSIONAL models that took time out from their busy lives looking pretty, wearing the t-shirt....

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