Monday 30 September 2013


Believe it or not, I don't have an incredible body (I know,you're STUNNED!). Like most comic artists I spend most of my day at the drawing table, not getting much exercise.

When it comes to drawing comic characters I still use myself as reference for whatever body type it is (male/female/donkey/fat/skinny/muscular) and just adjust accordingly.

BUT NO MORE I SAY!!!! I wanted to improve as an artist, and so asked around for recommendations for an artist's model that would also look good on my shelf. My buddy and incredible Marvel Comics artist, Mike Perkins, put me in the direction of and I'm so glad he did!

The muscle definition is exactly what I was after, it's a beautiful sculpture, and at 12 inches tall, looks great on my shelf! I couldn't recommend it more, and will be using it in a few weeks when I start the next book of 2000AD's AQUILA!


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