Thursday 10 March 2016


Hey guys! Just a quicky that I'll have a table at this weekend's (March 12th-13th) first Liverpool MCM Comic Con at the exhibition centre!  I'm made up to have a big show like this in my home city for once!

Got my new banner....

And I'll be doing head sketches of your favourite characters....
As well as selling some of my books, a limited edition print, and just having fun, so come along and say hi! I've had my hair cut and everything!



Unknown said...


Great to meet you today at Liverpool MCM.

Many thanks for the Spiderman sketch for my 6 year old son George.

He's now copying it and practising his pencil and inks!

Thanks again

Paul Nicholls

Leigh G said...

Aww Paul! Thank you so much. This is the type of thing that makes it all worth it! Brilliant to meet you all! Don't forget to check out the whole book of How To Draw Comic The Marvel Way ;)