Sunday 14 September 2008


Yup, you read it right folks....I guess now it's been officially announced, I can confirm that I'm leaving BIONICLE.

Believe me, this was not an easy decision for me to make. I was planning on drawing BIONICLE throughout 2009 and hopefully beyond, but sudden schedule changes to accommodate an extra issue to next year's run left me unfortunately unable to commit, without seriously impacting on my other professional, and personal commitments.

It was one of those rare moments in life where you have to decide what's really more important to you. Hopefully this decision won't come back to bite me in the ass, but right now, it feels like I made the right choice--though that doesn't mean I don't feel sad about it.

But hey! I'm very happy with the work that I did throughout my run, and my final issue is still to be released in November! And what a great final issue it is (I've attached a teaser panel)! It'll be a very natural end to my time drawing BIONICLE, leaving a clean slate for the next artist to take over (I know who it is, and he's gonna ROCK!).

Bionicle fans should also know that I recently finished a poster that I think will be included in a future Brickmaster magazine.

So thank you so much to the entire LEGO/DC team, and of course all the lovely BIONICLE fans for making me feel welcome. 2008 has been an incredible year for me!

Take care for now.



Andrew said...

I cannot express the sadness with which this news fills me! I have been following the Bionicle comic since its inception, through its highs and lows, and your fantastic artwork during your run amazed and impressed me to no end. I had hoped you would be able to stay with the comic for a grand long time.

I understand the twists and turns of life, though, and wish you best of luck in your future endeavours. Thanks for a wonderful tenure!

Anonymous said...

Alas! I too am a long time BIONICLE fan who got his start with the story with the very first BIONICLE comic released in May 2001. The comics have always held a special place in my mind with BIONICLE, and you have done an above-and-beyond job with illustrating this year's comics. A pity they only had room for four of them this year. Anyway, you will be missed!

Anonymous said...

It really saddens me to see you eave the Bionicle Comics; your style of art was very detailed and fit the sets very well. I'm sure all of BZP will miss you, and I've heard GregF say that the new person has been specifically picked because of their similarity of your style; your's is a complete hit.
Thanks for the Teaser Panel. For some reason, Black and White Panels lose the mystique swamp feeling, but add another feeling I can't put my finger on. Anyway, I await your last installment for the Bionicle line. Good Luck in whatever lies ahead!
-The Alchemyst

Anonymous said...

Your art was some of the best artwork we had for the Bionicle comics. You will be sorely missed. But thank you for contributing for as long as you did, and I hope you sort out the problems you have right now.

Anonymous said...

Aw I'm all sad now... I understand and all about life and the twists, so that's okay, but I was loving your work, it was beautiful! As a trying artists myself you really helped me out with both inspiration and ideas.

Even if you're leaving Bionicle I'm still going to stalk you around, thank you for all the hard work, I have really enjoyed it.

Greg said...

Looking at the comments above me, I can tell you that you were admired by some of the most most critical and important fans of BIONICLE. Over these few issues, you have brought a new era to BIONICLE, by bringing back the realism and adding some of the most impressive environments that I have ever seen. Hey, you know you were good, as Greg Farshtey told us that the new artist was picked because he could draw like you. Although each artist brought something to the BIONICLE "table", you have given us the most. Well, before I get rambling about your skill, I just want to say good luck (I think I'll start reading Defoe, it sounds good).


P.S. Be sure to post your art from issue 15 when it comes out, us fans love the uncolored panels :)

Leigh G said...

Guys, this seriously means alot to me.

Bionicle fans are easily the nicest,and most respectful I've EVER come across, and I'm really sorry I've got to leave. I hope you're just as nice to...AHHHH,you nearly got me to say!

Hey, if I could hug you all, I would--but I'd probably get arrested...

Take care for now,

Anonymous said...

I hope the new comic has nice effect, especially the energy storm we know to be coming...
Fly on,

Greg said...

I bet the poster will rock (I realized I forgot to comment on that) Do you like the way it came out?


Leigh G said...

Hey Greg,

Yeah the poster will be great. I'm happy with how my end turned out, and I'm sure Ulises is gonna do his usual beautiful job.

You have to understand that I don't even see the finished product until one of you guys post scans on the net!

Anonymous said...

Bye dude, best of luck with your art.

But I'd love to add how amazing your art is, with all of its painstaking details. I personally think your style is by far the best so far in the BIONICLE comic series. Much of your art found around the blog's great too.


Leigh G said...

That's very kind of you Eugene, thanks very much.
And great to hear that Bionicle fans aren't scared away by my other work as well!

Anonymous said...

its a pity you are leaving, you are perhaps.. no, you ARE my favorite Bionicle comic artist. good luck in the future anyway!

jazzo44556 said...

really i love lego bionicle

sorry for you

Leigh G said...

Philip, Jazzo, cheers guys.
Still suprising me that I'm still
getting nice messages like this. I'm really not used to this type of reaction. But hey, once the new guy starts you forget allllll about me...

Take care,