Saturday 27 September 2008


Yup, your eyes do not decieve you--not a hoax, not a penultimate issue of BIONICLE can be viewed free online, semi animated HERE !( listed as number 9 on the site)

How good am I to you?!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! i get an interest on bionocle just because of your amazing artwork ... i'm sorry you leave the series, even if i've never read it before now! sorry, i'm late!
but i will come to visit you again, i'm fascinated by the fact you can change your style as you prefer, looks like you are not just one artist but someone more!
congratulation your works are fantastic!
wish you the best

Rich said...

Hey Leigh,

Just been looking over your blog, some really sweet stuff.
Stop by my blog sometime and let me know what you think.
Yes I admit it I'm an attention whore.


Leigh G said...

Erica--why thank you, I am having a good hair day....

But glad you like my work as well!The different styles are neccesary to survive as a freelance artist. Though honestly, I'd have to say that my "Defoe" style is more ME, mainly because it has ties to an old horror series that really had an effect on me when I was a kid.

Though I'm sure I'll have plenty more oportunities to go back to my simpler "BIONICLE" style. It's alot easier for a start!

Thanks again

L (Now on my way to visit Rich "the attention whore's" blog...)