Saturday 16 January 2016


Yup, after being serialised weekly in 2000AD, then later over a 5 issue american format mini series, AQUILA: BLOOD OF THE ICENI, is now collected in one 176 page volume! BOOM!!!!  You can find it in all good stores or digitally from the official 2000AD store here!

Written by Gordon Rennie, drawn by myself with an additional brilliant story drawn by Patrick Goddard, coloured by Dylan Teague and Gary Caldwell, lettered by Simon Bowland, Annie Parkhouse, Ellie De Ville, featuring an awesome cover by Karl Richardson!

It's a lovely package and there'll certainly be some pages in there which should make you go "PWHOOOOAAARRR...."

We've been getting great reviews, with Comics Alliance previously stating "Aquila is a smart choice for a standalone book, and the creative team is one of 2000AD's best."

The latest SFX magazine gave us a 4 out of 5 review.

My dad said "Do you get more money from this?"

There are very generous previews everywhere online, showcasing the first TEN pages-- the first COMPLETE story that we did, so here you go and enjoy! Those last two pages are still favourites of mine....

(Oh, and you can purchase original artwork from it HERE!)


MP 12th Results 2016 said...
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JohnG said...

I've started reading Aquila in the 2000ad ultimate collection (I stopped reading the progs for many years when I moved to the States) and I must say it's absolutely fantastic. The perfect blend of script and art, artist and writer skipping hand in blood drenched hand through a field of beheaded flowers.....
No seriously though,